One Half Gallon of Zero Products Cleaner Makes 64 Quarts 0r 16 Gallons of General Cleaner!


Zero Products Cleaner can be used as a mild spray solution or full wash. Just adjust the strength to fit your particular cleaning job. Start with the recommended dilution, but you may find it necessary to use more or less solution to adjust for varying cleaning problems. For the small job, apply ZERO Products cleaner to a damp cloth or sponge and wipe. For the very tough job on hard surfaces dilute 1 to 5. A Scoth Brite scouring pad may be helpful on barbeque grills, stoves, burners, ovens, grates, pots and pans. It's excellent on buildup of soap. mold, and mildew on the bathroom shower area.

Recreational Equipment such as vans, campers, boats, tents, RV's sleeping bags, hunting, fishing, and sporting equipment can benefit from the use of ZERO. It's great for removing stains from carpets, upholstery, and stains such as alcohol, and mildew. Zero will remove tree stains, portable awnings on mobile homes, and semi-tractors. It's also great for any baked-on enamel surfaces. 

To remove most stains, dilute 1 to 31 with cold water, spray on stained area, wait for a few seconds then wipe dry with a clean dry terry cloth towel, an absorbent cloth. Repeat as necessary.

Zero will remove these stains and more.

Soft Drinks           Ink                        Iodine

Cho0colate           Lipstick                  Jam and Jelly

Tea                     Cosmetics               Lipsticks

Coffee                 Mascara                  Adhesive tape

Milk                     Grass stains            Margarine

Cream                 Gravy                     Butter

Fruit juice            Ice Cream               Shoe Polish

Alcohol                Spaghetti Sauce       Salad Dressing

Beverages            Urine                      Mayonnaise

Blood                  Soup                       Pencil

Soap                   Mustard                  Crayon Marks

EGG                    Rust                       And More!

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